Services We target to exceed customer expectations by providing quality services and maintaining sustainable customer relationship.


I Entry Malaysia Sdn Bhd recruits well educated, flexible and ambitious people who thrive on change and challenge, are innovative, self-confident and accept responsibility by taking initiative and adapting to a stimulating international working environment.
  • We undertake complex missions on a turn-key basis in the fields of IT and foreign worker managements, which involve integrated delivery of applications, bundle with all necessary hardware and security equipment.

    To ensure results of a high standard, the company follows state-ofthe-art methodologies and relies on a wide spectrum of qualified and experienced staff as well as on a professional industrial environment for assembling, staging, testing and dispatching of equipment. This includes a dedicated laboratory employing all modern and innovative tools and concepts available today in the market.

    • We manage the Centralize Hostel & System Management For Foreign Workers. “Penempatan Berpusat Pekerja Asing (PBPA)” .
    • We are a systematic management company to manage, control and monitor all the affairs of the foreign workers and to provide services to the employers and foreign workers in Malaysia.
    • Our accommodation is compliant with the Foreign Workers Minimum Stay Guideline by the government under the Employer Mandatory Commitment (EMC).
    • We are committed to providing a safe and conducive home environment for our residents, by maintaining a regular upgrading and expansion program to ensure they have quality living. Anticipating and meeting our customers’ requirements help us stay competitive in this market.

    About System

    • Hostel & real time system management.
    • Manage , control and monitor workers movement from hostel and all the affairs.
    • Minimum stay guidelines and monitoring systems by the Gov.
    • Home environment & complete system management for our resident.
  • We design deployment solutions for smart cards and build the environment from robust off-the-shelf modules. These deployment systems including:

    • Enrollment : The enrollment module used to gain the user data. Our solutions are including biometrics system such as fingerprints.
    • CMS + KMS : Card Management System (CMS) is a turnkey solution to manage the life cycle of smart card usage. For a better security of data transactions,we offer the encryption system in Key Management System (KMS).
    • Personalization System : We provide the smart card issuance solution from our personalization-managed system. The personalization system is also open for different types of service, such as central perso, instant perso, insource perso, and kiosk perso (using our picture card software).
    • Verification : We develop modules for document and card verifications. In this matter, we include the reporting system to complete the verification process.
  • We offering a complete package, from business to technical solutions and support:

    • Study: analysis of research projects, products, tools, frameworks and identification of trends.
    • Approach: assessment and improvement of communication and marketing strategies by proposing enhancements and new services.
    • Inform: research, set-up and maintenance of news bulletin boards and newsletters, continuous monitoring of new developments, organisation of events, delivery of case studies and preparation of special publications.
    • Promote: elaboration of a marketing approach and implementation of diverse communication tools and promotional actions such as websites, workshops, road-shows,audiovisual presentations and printed material.
    • Connect: set-up and coordination of networks of experts and stimulation of interaction through conferences and organisation of workshops.
  • We have extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services targeted at developing, promoting, stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their IT environment and information systems. As an indication, consulting services involve the following key domains:

    • Project Management: Management of project resources, risk management, financial management, change, risk and configuration management.
    • Business Consultancy Services: Description of a business, definition of business strategies and policies, creation, improvement and maintenance of business processes, collection of business and user requirements, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), feasibility studies, vision documents and business case modelling.
    • IS Security: Security studies, definition of security policies, security assessments and risk analysis of operational environments.