Why MYR The government are taking effort on how to improve their welfare

Why MYR Groups?

There are constantly news in the media about the exploitation of foreign workers in terms of their accommodations where their welfare are not taken care of by their employers in Malaysia.

The government are taking effort on how to improve their welfare and reduce the exploitation of foreign workers in Malaysia by introducing Letter of Undertaking that underlined the responsibilities and requirements to be fulfilled by employers in the near future. “Employers should also abide by the Guidelines on the Minimum Standard of Foreign Workers Accommodation if their workers stay in the accommodation provided by their employers.”

"Foreign Worker Pekerja Asing JTKSM Akta 446 Workers Dormitory"

Action will be taken towards employers which do not follow the guideline implemented by the government.

With “MYR” we ensure that the foreign workers accommodation fulfill the guideline by the government and their welfare will be taken care during their employment in Malaysia.



Hostel warden will be appointed to manage & monitor the residence in the hostel. His responsibility includes upholding the rules and regulations, law &order and safety of the residence.

He will also conduct monthly inspection of the hostel property to and provide necessary repairs to ensure the facilities are in good conditions.



MYR hostel is gated and guarded with security (24 hours) to upheld the safety in the hostel with the security management including access card door entry system to control the traffic of residence in the hostel and also registration of visitors.

24 hours CCTV system installed for better monitoring and assistant from nearby police officers for periodical surveillance around the hostel area.

There will be also implementations of house rules & regulations and all residence need to comply accordingly for the discipline and harmonious living among the residences in the hostel.



All residence data will be registered into the system and they will have and individual access card for ENTRY/EXIT to the hostel. Online monitoring through the system by MYR HQ for checking of residence activity.

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